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Argenta Market to open April 1 – finally!

Posted by Suzy Taylor Oakley on March 3, 2010

Friends, I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER for the Argenta Market to open in downtown North Little Rock.

After delays, postponements and more delays, it will open April 1 in the building that used to house Argenta Seafood restaurant. According to Chef Shane, it will be well worth the wait (and I can see my trips to Whole Foods in west Little Rock becoming a thing of the past). Click here for the scoop on our long-awaited market.


4 Responses to “Argenta Market to open April 1 – finally!”

  1. ozarkhomesteader said

    Excellent! I hope that the market helps not hinders the Argenta Farmers Market.

  2. arfoodie said

    Thank you for reading and passing along the article! Chef Shane said he believes the market will have a symbiotic relationship with the Farmer’s Market (my egghead word, not his). On items they both offer, the Argenta Market price will be higher (overhead, convenience, etc.), but the farmers will benefit from its sales and constant presence.

    Thanks again, and add me to your blog list! 😉 If you missed them last summer, check out my “At the Market” series about farmers who participate in the Farmer’s Market.


    • Suzy said

      I definitely will check out your series from last summer. I totally support community-supported agriculture, and specifically the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market.

  3. Sheila said

    How exciting! Can’t wait to visit…also hoping to do BAM this year if budjet allows. BTW, I’m going to look for you this Sunday so I can return Sabrina, which I throughly enjoyed AGAIN. Did you get to finish I’m Proud of You, My Friendship with Fred Rodgers?

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