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4:22 p.m.

Posted by Suzy Taylor Oakley on August 18, 2008

Bruce and I drove away from the back door of the hospital at 4:22 p.m. That’s 5 1/2 hours after the doc said he could go home.

It’s 6:30 p.m., and I have dropped off his prescriptions, filled the car with gas (can’t expect these lower prices to last forever!), gone back to the store and picked up his new meds and a few soft foods, and I’m back home ready to work for the rest of the evening. My two busiest days at work are Tuesday and Wednesday, so please pray for my strength and endurance. Now that Bruce is home, I have to actually go to the office the rest of the week. I’m sooooo tired.


3 Responses to “4:22 p.m.”

  1. Peregrine said

    Glad Bruce is back home! Let me know when he’ll be up for a pecan pie.


  2. Kelley said

    I’m glad he’s back home!! I’ll pray for strength for both of you!


  3. I’m glad he’s home and hope you get a good nights rest. I’m still praying for the both of you-

    p.s. I have tried to get charges off our bills as well. This past Sunday I got the Doc to give us a walking “boot” cast instead of a real cast for Kobie…We just had to show them Adam & I knew how to properly wrap a foot to where the bone could reset itself. Crazy…but I probably saved us a good $1500, not to mention the hassle with bathing.

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