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Color correction

Posted by Suzy Taylor Oakley on June 12, 2008

I got tired of purple but can’t find a theme I like better than this one, and its color choices are limited. I’m trying green for a while but will prolly go back to purple soon. One of these days I’ll be able to afford to buy a domain name and make my own pages. (Didn’t I whine about wanting to do that last time I changed my theme?) Meantime I’m stuck with what other people design and WordPress offers for free.

Could be worse. I could be homeless. Please understand I really do know how spoiled it sounds to be complaining about Web page color choices.


2 Responses to “Color correction”

  1. DJ said

    Oh sure, as if the color choice wasn’t obvious. The story below is about the Farmer’s Market and you just happen to pick green as the new theme. Makes sense. How green is my garden of words?

  2. beeps said

    i didn’t buy a domain either- just pickin and choosin what wordpress has out there…i’m too cheap to pay for it when i get it for free.

    themes, people, themes!

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