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Argenta farmers market

Posted by Suzy Taylor Oakley on June 5, 2008

Don’t forget, locavores, Saturday is the grand opening of the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market in downtown North Little Rock (the 400 block of Main Street). The market has been open since May 3, but this weekend will have more hoopla, complete with a ribbon cutting, a live bluegrass band (no canned music for these fine folks), free beefalo burgers (free food — who could resist that?) and maybe even a few juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes. And all kinds of berries and other delicacies are expected. (If you didn’t see my article on Page 5A of today’s NLR Times, rush out and buy a copy now!)

Jody Hardin, Barbara Armstrong and the other farmers have been working hard to bring us fresh, locally grown, pesticide free, healthy produce and other items. One woman sells organic dog biscuits and a natural potion that stopped her dog’s itchies. It wasn’t in my budget the day I talked to her (and my dogs haven’t been scratching too much lately), so I haven’t bought any yet, but as soon as itchy season hits us, I’m all over that booth.

Do your part this weekend. Come out and say hey to your neighbors, support your local farmers and have a beefalo burger on the house (donations accepted, of course).

See ya there!


3 Responses to “Argenta farmers market”

  1. Such a great thing – I will be there (maybe too early for a beefalo burger, and I’m sad about that, because I’ve been wanting to try the stuff) – I’m so glad we live in a place that has this wonderful thing going on.

  2. we got one of the beefalo sampler packs a couple of years ago (sausage, steaks, etc.), and it was purty good.

  3. beeps said

    i believe i’m scared of anything named beefalo…

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