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Trying out a new theme

Posted by Suzy Taylor Oakley on January 22, 2008

Time to play with backgrounds and fonts. Tell me what you think about this theme. Besides the fact that blue is my favorite color, I just like the name of this one — Sapphire.

Until I have time to learn the intricacies of CSS, I will live within the boundaries of the themes coded by more serious geeks — no customization for a while. Someday I’ll create my own. Meanwhile, tell me what you like or don’t like about this set-up. (My first thought is, this one tells the date I posted but not the time. Don’t like that, for sure. Only because I’m obsessive about details. No comments from you, D.J.!)

Post your comments below.


P.S. My honey finally started a blog. See Brulog in blogroll at right, or click here. His first topic is a good one. You’ll see. 🙂


3 Responses to “Trying out a new theme”

  1. Suzy, I’m right there with you in the control-freak part of my personality that would like everything JUST THE WAY I THINK IT SHOULD BE. However, I will never learn CSS; I will just pester Bryan endlessly with requests.

    Personally – Georgia is one of my all time favorite fonts. So I love seeing it here! Have fun playing…

  2. berit said

    i love the new you via your site! like you, i’m not all that savvy with the css- so i just keep changing mine then changing it back.

  3. Suzy said

    did i use the phrase control freak? “obsessive about details” does not mean i’m a control freak. you take that back!

    but it reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite movies about a control fr — er, person who is obsessive about details: Broadcast News with Holly Hunter.

    hey, how do you make a link from a comment?

    and i kinda thought the font was Verdana, one of my all-time faves. we both must love sans serif, which i think is easier to read.

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