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Hospital time

Posted by Suzy Taylor Oakley on December 17, 2007


My honey, Bruce, is in the hospital. I’m writing this via wireless Internet from his room at Springhill. (I’m actually supposed to be doing my job remotely — shh, don’t tell my boss I took a break to write my blog.)

Just wanted to let you know where we are. But don’t try to break into our house. Both of our dogs are there.



3 Responses to “Hospital time”

  1. Amy James said

    We’ll be praying for Bruce and for you, too.

  2. sarabeth said

    suzy, just heard about this today and am praying for both of you. So sorry.

  3. Benevolent Dictator said

    Shhhhh! Nobody tell her that her boss reads her blog, too…. Bwa-ha-ha-haaa!

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